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Zhongshan Tianhong Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002. It is one of the professional manufacturers of sewing motor and servo system in China.

It is an international modern enterprise integrating development, manufacturing, testing, quality assurance, marketing and after-sales service.

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The company is committed to the production and management of steel shot, steel sand, low-shelled steel shot, reinforced steel shot, steel wire cut shot, stainless steel shot and other series products, and has realized the automatic production line. The company has a professional research team and strong R&D force, which can continuously meet the high-end customers for product surface treatment effect and improve operation. Multilateral demand for efficiency and cost reduction;





The company is customer-centered, market-oriented, stable operation, continuous innovation, and always maintain high-speed development. Tianhong has passed ISO 9001:2015 system certification and EU CE certification successively. In 2010


Thick accumulation and thin development, set sail—— Tianhong electric works with you in 2018!
Thick accumulation and thin development, set sail—— Tianhong electric works with you in 2018!
The law returns, the spring light gradually, the Vientiane starts to renew. Farewell to the unforgettable 2017, we usher in 2018 full of vitality and hope.

2017 is the year of Tianhong electric. In the past year, with the joint efforts of the company's management teams and all employees, Tianhong company has successively obtained a number of new product invention patents, and has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise; The company's independent research and development projects, won the Zhongshan Science and Technology Innovation Award. In the past year, we participated in cisma2017, the world's largest industry event, and showed Tianhong's elegant demeanor and brand-new products to the global audience. In the past year, we have positioned ourselves as "high efficiency and energy saving motor and servo control system", extensively absorbed new information and new ideas, actively adjusted the product structure and strategic deployment, professionally refined, and reshaped the new image of our products. In the past year, we have carried out a scientific and comprehensive reform of our business operation line, thoroughly sorted out and carefully optimized the product structure, concentrated our efforts on the motor and electronic control of the high head sewing car series of the flat sewing car, and then improved the full-automatic servo control system of the wrapping and stretching sewing. We pay attention to the development, design, material selection and production process, meticulous, excellence; We emphasize the quality of technology and build a "bit by bit improvement customer first" service system to continuously improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.

In 2018, we will make persistent efforts to work hand in hand with you to set sail and forge ahead! As the new year approaches, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and new year's wishes to all the friends who care, support and help Tianhong electric. I wish you good health, happy family, prosperous career and all the best in the New Year!
Thick accumulation and thin development, set sail—— Tianhong electric works with you in 2018!

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