1981  Founded in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province as "Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Jiale Electrical Appliance Factory".
1991  Started to produce all kinds of clutch motors
             Started to produce all kinds of fractional horsepower motors
             By 1992, the daily production capacity had reached 2000 units
2002  Formally renamed as "Zhongshan Tianhong Motor Manufacturing Co.
             Introduced the ISO:9001 management system, re-planned and improved the quality system, and obtained the ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification in 2003.
             Continuously improve the quality control system, reduce the defect rate, and make it conform to the world trend of quality assurance system.
2004  Started to produce various motors under our own brand "TIANHONG".
2005  Director of China Sewing Machinery Association
             Chairman of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Association
2006  Expanded production line and upgraded production equipment, daily output jumped to 5000 units
2007  With independent import and export business right
             The production capacity and quality are among the best in the world for industrial sewing machine motors
             Obtained CE, Rohs and other certifications
2008  Approved by Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and listed as a Class I enterprise
2009  Completed the development of servo motor, which will make servo motor installed inside or beside the sewing machine the mainstream of the future.
             We are still designing and developing newer, better and more diversified servo motors.
2010  Actively participated in the revision of "China Industrial Sewing Machine Clutch Motor Industry Standard".
2011  Awarded as one of the top 20 industrial enterprises in China sewing machinery industry in 2010
2011  Executive Director of Guangdong Light Industry Association
2012  Awarded the title of "2011 Top Industrial Enterprise in China Sewing Machinery Industry".
2012  Full use of automated production equipment, precision machinery and measuring instruments, sustainable management and commitment to provide customers with more satisfactory quality and service
2013  "TIANHONG" brand won the title of "Guangdong Famous Trademark
              Mr. Tim Mak, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was awarded the title of "2012 National Model Worker of Light Industry".
2014  Tianhong products won the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand Products".
2015  The company was jointly assessed as "A-class taxpayer" by national tax and local tax
              Mr. Tim Mak, the chairman of the company, was elected as the fourth president of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce
2016  The company was recognized as "Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center" by Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau
              Awarded by Zhongshan City to improve the level of equipment and implement intelligent transformation
              Awarded Zhongshan City Science and Technology Innovation Award

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