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Continuing the Past and Developing the Future, Continuing to Write a New Chapter: An Interview with Mr. Made Tian, President of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce

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In October 2015, Made Tian, chairman of Zhongshan Tianhong Electric Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was elected chairman of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce. Time flies. It has been one year since Mr. Mai assumed the post of president of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce. In this year, what are President Made Tim's feelings and experiences about the post of President of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce? What changes have taken place in the Chamber of Commerce under his leadership?

Helping Members to Develop Southeast Asian Market

On the afternoon of this Saturday, November 26, in Baiyun Airport, I met Made Tian, president of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce, who had just returned from Vietnam. He was in a hurry, rushing to his next destination. For the first time, the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce co-sponsored overseas trade exhibitions. President Mai attached great importance to the exhibition and paid great attention to the exhibition's recruitment and preparation work before the exhibition.

Through co-sponsoring the 16th Vietnam International Textile and Clothing Machinery Exhibition (VTG2016) with Hong Kong Communications Exhibition Company and Taiwan Exhibition Company, promoting members and industry enterprises to develop the Southeast Asian market is one of the priorities of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce in 2016. It is hoped that through enhancing the exchanges and cooperation between industry enterprises and Southeast Asian countries and regions, the new competitive advantages of Guangdong and domestic sewing equipment enterprises will be fostered and the downward pressure of the economy will be actively dealt with. In order to run the exhibition well, the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce has done a lot of practical work during the preparatory period of the exhibition: actively seeking the support of government departments, docking with relevant functional departments, establishing a benign interaction mechanism, striving for the support policy of foreign development projects for Guangdong sewing equipment enterprises; organizing the leaders of the Chamber of Commerce to inspect Ningbo and Taizhou. Two major sewing equipment industrial clusters, and with Ningbo Sewing Machinery Industry Association and Taizhou Sewing Equipment Industry Association signed Vietnam VTG exhibition cooperation agreement; organized member enterprises to participate in "Legislative Risk Prevention Lecture on Product Export and Overseas Investment and Financing", in view of the current boom in overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, more and more domestic. In order to avoid unnecessary disputes and economic losses in overseas trade, this lecture will enable member enterprises to understand the framework of international public law and overseas investment, as well as the key points of risk, and to grasp the contract risk of overseas cooperation. With the perfect closing of the 16th Vietnam International Textile and Clothing Machinery Exhibition (VTG2016), the exhibitors highly appraised the exhibition and achieved full harvest.

Strengthen Industry Exchange and Mutual Exchange

In addition to helping enterprises expand overseas markets, the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce has also done a lot of practical work in the past year in the field of industry exchanges. Make full use of the role of the exchange platform of the Chamber of Commerce to organize exchanges between member units and colleagues both inside and outside the province. In early May, President Mai led a group of 13 members of the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to Ningbo and Taizhou for a four-day visit to their sewing equipment industries. Visiting the sewing equipment industry in Ningbo and Taizhou to further understand the new trends and trends of manufacturing enterprises, strengthening the exchanges and interaction between enterprises in Guangdong and Zhejiang, and as one of the organizers of the 16th Vietnam International Textile and Clothing Machinery Exhibition VTG in November, the Chamber of Commerce is also on the way. Local enterprises promote this exhibition, hoping to help Zhejiang enterprises expand Vietnam and Southeast Asia market through VTG exhibition. The delegation inspected 14 enterprises, including Shupu, Jack, Feiyue, American Aircraft and China Jiejie. Through three days of compact and effective investigation and exchange, remarkable results have been achieved. The industry analysis and information exchange among enterprises have given us a clearer understanding of the current industry situation, and strengthened the cooperation opportunities between Guangdong, Ningbo and Taizhou industries and enterprises.

In June, Chairman Meditation and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Liang Foxiang and Secretary-General Shao Lishi went to Yiwu to visit and inspect the "Yiwu International Means of Production Market" and exchange views with colleagues in the sewing equipment industry in Yiwu. In September, President Mai and Chairman Liang Foxiang of the Chamber of Commerce, Standing Vice-President and Secretary-General Shao Lishi were invited to Jiangsu Xinzhi Manufacturing Garment Equipment Exhibition. The Jiangsu "Xinzhi Made" clothing equipment exhibition is sponsored by Jiangsu Sewing Equipment Industry Association, Zhejiang Sewing Machinery Industry Association and Shanghai Sewing Machinery Industry Association. Chairman Liang, President Mai and Secretary-General Shao visited the exhibition booth of sewing equipment exhibitors, and had in-depth exchanges with the exhibitors, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of exhibits and their business development.

As we all know, in the past two years, the garment industry is facing a bottleneck period of industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading. The market demand growth rate of sewing equipment is no longer rising as in previous years, but has come to a new normal of stable growth. Under such an industrial background, the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce strengthens the exchange and interaction with its counterparts in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, which is conducive to the exchange of information among industry enterprises, the realization of the docking between industry chains, and the promotion of business cooperation. This is also an important function of the Chamber of Commerce as an industry exchange platform.

Achievement and Glory

In 2015, the Chamber of Commerce has been rated as a 5A-level social organization by the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department. This is the government's recognition of the five aspects of the Chamber of Commerce: running the Chamber in accordance with the law, standardizing its operation, capacity-building, playing its role and social evaluation. Under the leadership of President Mediterranean, the Chamber of Commerce has carried on the past year and carried forward the purpose of "serving, guiding and linking". It has continued to play the role of Chamber of Commerce platform for the healthy development of the general membership units and industries, and has done a lot of practical work. On November 3, the Chamber of Commerce passed the Guangdong Federation of Industry and Commerce (the General Chamber of Commerce) in the early stage of the reform of the Chamber of Commerce.