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As the new year begins, all things are new. On this occasion, we would like to extend our greetings and best wishes to our industry leaders, colleagues and partners, global distributors, suppliers, new and existing customers, and people from all walks of life who have always supported and cared about the development of Rainbow! We would also like to express our sincere gratitude and respect to all our employees and their families who have been working hard and making positive contributions to the development of the company!

A little bit of work, a little bit of harvest. Looking back at 2016, we have overcome one difficulty after another and achieved one achievement after another. In this year, with the efforts of all the researchers, the integrated flat car direct drive motor was introduced, and our products were more diversified; in this year, Tianhong was recognized as "Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center" and won the "Award for Improving Equipment Level and Implementing Intelligent Transformation" and "Zhongshan Science and Technology Innovation Award". This year, Tianhong was recognized as "Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center" and won "Zhongshan Science and Technology Innovation Award"; this year, Tianhong participated in industry exchanges and exhibitions to showcase the latest technologies and products to our customers and friends worldwide, accelerating the pace of our global marketing model.

A new year, a new journey; looking ahead to 2017, we are full of ambition. We will continue to forge ahead and improve our competitiveness; we will devote ourselves to the development and promotion of new products, the innovation of marketing model and the improvement of customer service quality. We believe that Tianhong's 2017 will be even more exciting!

    Finally, we sincerely wish everyone: Happy New Year! Good health! Happy family! All the best!

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