Tianhong Electric Company 2016 Year-end Reunion Dinner


On the evening of January 23, 2017, Tianhong Electric Company's 2016 year-end reunion dinner was held at Sunshine Mecca Hotel.

Nearly 300 employees of the company gathered together to have a New Year's Eve dinner prepared by the company on the occasion of the Lunar New Year.

Chairman Zhang Zhenzang, the plant manager, summarized the production operation of the company in 2016, praised the employees who made outstanding contributions, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone for their hard work throughout the year!

In his toast, Chairman Mak Tak Tim sent his New Year wishes and sincere greetings to the staff and their families, expressing his wish to work hand in hand with everyone to create a brilliant vision.

He also invited everyone to raise their glasses and toast to a better tomorrow for Rainbow.

The first special award of the dinner was the longest serving employee, who had worked for 29 years, and was presented with the "Honorary Employee Award" by McWilliams.

The second special award was given to the employees who protected the company's property during the typhoon in August, and the "Outstanding Contribution Award" was presented by Chairman McDermott to the employee representatives.

The company's management also gave a toast to the guests and the staff of Rainbow, and gave the staff the blessings of the New Year.

During the ceremony, everyone raised a glass of wine to summarize the year and celebrate the New Year together, full of laughter and festive atmosphere.

And the wonderful and powerful raffle brought the atmosphere of the dinner party to be more enthusiastic!

Everyone received the prizes and bonuses with great joy and happiness, and the scene was lively!

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