The fastest way to learn to tread the sewing machine skills


Analysis is as follows:

You can learn by following the correct way with diligent practice, and you need to pay attention to the following four points:

One is to understand the role of each part of the sewing machine, the motor, the head, the pedal, the reverse needle button, the lift presser foot button and so on, so that you have a clear outline of the sewing machine.

Secondly, the very important parts of the specific operation should be learned first, and the rest can be familiarized slowly.

(A) is the sewing machine winding, this is a very important place, because the line is wound correctly, so that the machine works properly and does not often break the line. Because the winding is a bit complicated, it is recommended to take a picture of the winding machine with your cell phone, while the brain inside several times to remember, if necessary to remove the line, winding several times by themselves, so that they are very skilled.

(B) is the oil, sewing machine to oil lubrication, there are special lubricants, especially the head, this part of the lubrication is very important, good maintenance of the machine will be used for a longer time.

(D) head pin and presser foot. The size of the head needle must be appropriate, there are various sizes of head needles, small and large are not, use the size of the matching needle. Presser foot is also selected to match, so that the operation is smooth. Needle and presser foot is also the frequency of replacement, the general start and then tighten up on the line, you can replace.

Third, for the emergence of small failures to learn to troubleshoot and deal with themselves. For example, the wrong winding, the bottom line is broken, the needle is broken, the line tension adjustment, etc.. They will save a lot of time, but also to improve efficiency.

Fourth, focus on time to practice, practice makes perfect, a breakthrough in a short time, to prevent the night long dream. In the process of practice, the first thing is to control the speed, first to slow. This is the same as practicing for the driving license. Practice first try to be able to slow down to be good. Because fast anyone can, but slow but many people can not. Do want to slow down on the slow, fast natural and easy, fast up is also easy to brake.

In short, you have to learn the technology by doing it. To contact the actual sewing machine and do the product, at the same time for the machine failure to learn to deal with, so as to achieve the real familiarity with the sewing machine!

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