How to start sewing for beginners


Learn how to start sewing for beginners:

1, first to learn to do clothes network to look at other people's work and share the process of making clothes, to find the feeling.

2, choose a style you want to do and relatively simple, buy a good fabric, if you can also buy a good sewing machine better.

3, find the corresponding cutting diagram, if the cutting diagram can not read, learn a cutting tutorial.

4, learn a basic sewing process, this can be seen in the sewing tutorial post, a general impression in mind.

5, more practice, and slowly get started.

Beginners sewing skills:

1, straight line.

Put the fabric on the sewing machine and sew over and over again until you have confidence in your hands.


The most popular method is to fix the beginning and end lines of the thread, which requires learning a "reversal" execution. From a technical point of view, the fixation is very simple: start a straight line, 1.5 cm from the incision, then return with a "reverse" and continue the line as usual. All the sutures must be placed on top of each other in order to secure the line.

Fixation also requires a certain precision, laying straight lines, making such fixation at the beginning and end of each line.

After the fixation and straight line training, take two pieces of fabric (without stripes and without guide lines) and practice them.

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