What is the difference between computerized sewing machine and sewing machine



I. The main body is different

1. Computerized sewing machine: It is controlled by microcomputer and can automatically complete the set sewing work.

2. Sewing machine: It is a machine that uses one or more sewing threads to form one or more stitches on the sewing material to interweave or sew up one or more layers of sewing material.

II. Different characteristics

1. Computerized sewing machine: Computerized anatomy is applied to achieve the optimal design from the structure of the housing to the smallest part of each part, thus, it can suppress noise and vibration to the maximum extent in its daily work.

2. Sewing machine: It consists of four mechanisms: stabbing, hooking, picking and feeding, and auxiliary mechanisms such as winding, pressing and dropping teeth, etc. The movements of each mechanism work together in a rational way and work in a cycle to sew up the sewing material.

III. Different functions
1. Computerized sewing machine: It can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as automatic edge sewing, automatic tension adjustment of thick and thin seams, automatic speed change, automatic torque change, automatic thread cutting, automatic needle replenishment, etc.

2、Sewing machine: It can sew cotton, linen, silk, wool, artificial fiber and other fabrics and leather, plastic, paper and other products, and the stitching is neat, beautiful, flat and firm, fast and easy to use.

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