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Overview:Tianhong mainly produces direct-drive servo systems, servo energy-saving motors, clutch motors, induction motors and air-absorbing devices for industrial sewing machines, with more than 50 models in 7 series.

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Tianhong mainly produces direct-drive servo systems for industrial sewing machines, servo energy-saving motors, clutch motors, induction motors and air-absorbing devices, with more than 50 models in 7 series and an annual production and sales volume of 1 million units. The product marketing network covers more than 30 provinces and cities in China and is distributed to more than 50 countries worldwide, and is one of the export bases of industrial sewing motor products in China. 


        Tianhong is convinced that quality is the life of an enterprise, without quality, there is no market; over the years, we have devoted ourselves to continuously improving the process and quality of our products, and with our superior performance products and scientific and rigorous management, our products have always stood in an important position in the industry. The company is customer-centric and market-oriented, operating steadily and innovating constantly, always maintaining high speed development. In 2010, Tianhong participated in the revision of the national industry standard "QB/T 1179-2010 Mechanical Clutch Motor for Industrial Sewing Machines"; in 2011, Tianhong was awarded as one of the "Top 20 Industrial Enterprises" in China's sewing machinery industry; In 2014, our products were awarded "Guangdong Famous Brand Products", and in 2014, 2015, and 2016, we were rated as "Class A Taxpayer" by Zhongshan State Taxation Bureau; in 2015, Zhongshan Tianhong Motor Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was elected as the president of Guangdong Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce; in 2016, the company was recognized as "Zhongshan Engineering Technology Research Center" by Zhongshan Science and Technology Bureau; in 2017, Zhongshan Tianhong Motor Manufacturing Co.

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