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After-sale service

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After the sale of motor products, our company will continue to provide customers with warranty and other after-sales services. This is the whole company involved in the work, involving departments such as after-sales service department, marketing department, quality control department, engineering department and so on.

I. Departmental Settings

Marketing Department, Quality Control Department, Engineering Department, Warehouse Department and After-sales Service Department

II. After-sales Service Commitments and Relevant Explanations


1. Within the stipulated warranty period, the company is responsible for repairing or replacing the motor products which are of the quality problems of manufacture and installation of the company.

2. Our company provides free maintenance for one year, and the valid time of refund and replacement is half a year (calculated from the delivery date of our company). During this period, our company is responsible for the problems arising from the quality of products. We will go to the site to repair and debug or ask customers to return the goods to our company for maintenance.

3. Because of the product damage or complaint caused by the improper use of the customer, the maintenance task is carried out through consultation, and the cost of after-sales service is borne by the customer.

4. Our company is willing to be responsible for the maintenance needs of customers outside the warranty period, but the cost of after-sales service is borne by customers.

3. After-sales service process

1. Our company will provide after-sales service to the products after they leave the factory until they are qualified and approved by customers.

2. After-sales service department set up hotlines to collect product information and complaints from customers.

3. The after-sales service department inquires about the quality problems of customers in detail, and collects the problems in the use of motors.

4. Respond promptly according to customers'opinions and complaints, and return to our company according to the seriousness and reasonableness of the problem, to find out the reasons for the situation analysis and fill in the Customer Complaints Processing Form.

5. Record the types of problems, the locations and causes of the problems, and specify the corrections or solutions.

6. Consult with relevant departments and customers when proposing corrections or solutions after identifying the reasons.

7. For simple problems such as vulnerable parts, they can be replaced directly.

8. After-sales service personnel take the initiative to ask customers for specific requirements for product quality and service quality or suggestions for improvement.

9. The after-sales service department regularly understands the use of products and customer requirements, comments and suggestions in the form of documents, and feeds back the information to relevant departments.

10. For major projects and key customers, when necessary, send marketing commissioners to visit, record the information, opinions and improvement requirements obtained during the visit, and copy them back to the relevant departments in the form of meetings and reports after returning to the company, in order to help the continuous improvement and improvement of product quality.